I am an architect (RIBA II, AA Dip) and urban researcher based mostly out of Delhi. My practice addresses housing, infrastructure (water and sanitation), urban planning, inclusive development and participatory design processes. I am also a PhD candidate within the research department Architecture of Rapid Change and Scarce Resources (ARCSR) at London Metropolitan University.

This year I was awarded Emerging Woman Architect of the Year by the Architectural Journal and won a SEED Award for ‘Excellence in Public Interest Design‘. My work has been featured in numerous publications in the UK and India and last year was included in ICON magazines ‘Future 50′, “a snap shot of 50 young designers and architects (who) are pushing the boundaries of their disciplines and trying to change the world”.

I currently run a design and research practice in Delhi incubated within the Indian NGO CURE, Center for Urban and Regional Excellence. Current projects include large scale planning for low income neighborhoods, various sanitation initiatives and housing projects.

This blog began as a place where I would write things that were not part of my PhD and it continues to be that.


Julia King






  1. Amandeep Pahwa

    Your project at savda ghevra,delhi
    is praiseworthy…..
    Wishing you success….
    And hope to have these projects in future by us….

    • Dear Amandeep
      Thank you very much. I should say everything I am doing I could not do without the amazing people I work with all of which are Indians. I am the only foreigner working on this project… so no need to look to the future 🙂

  2. Hi Julia,

    Very impressed with the blog – came across it via the Grauniad’s new cities site.

    I’m starting a masters in urban studies at UCL’s urban lab, but previously lived in Berlin for six years, where I blogged at architectureinberlin.com.

    Anyway, am off to India in a couple of weeks, flying into Delhi and travelling around until the end of April, but would like to see more of Delhi than the usual tourist sites (although am a big Lutyens fan, so obviously…). Are you/will you be in the city then, or do you have any contacts/recommendations who might be able to meet up for a chat?

    Many thanks,
    Jim Hudson

  3. Alicia Sardi

    Hola Julia,

    Tu carrera y projectos no dan sino inspiración. Siendo procedente de la misma tierra es reconfortante ver a otra mujer venezolano/británica triunfar en UK, tener un modelo a seguir durante Placement Year es casi una necesidad para seguir a la Part II.

    Felicitaciones en ganar Emerging Woman of the Year y te deseos más y más éxitos con tu práctica en Delhi.


    Alicia Sardi

    • Querida Alicia, gracias por tu comentario. Por favor Mantente en contacto (correo electrónico o twitter: @atjuliaking) y mis pensamientos están con Venezuela ahora desde lejos. Mis mejores deseos, Julia

  4. Hi Julia,
    I heard you yesterday at AJ and briefly discussed possible students and young Architects could help you on your projects from network I work for in India. Let me know your email or contact to send you more details. My email is sonjyot@gmail.com
    Thanks and Regards,
    Jyoti Soni

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