Rain, Demolition and Relocation Pt.1

In January 2011 I went to visit Federico Quiroz a barrio in the east of Venezuela’s capital, Caracas. A predominantly migrant settlement established 60 years ago Federico is settled on the hillside overlooking the main highway that connects the capital to its port and airport. Most of these hills however are not fit for habitation, something that came into sharp focus in 1999 when the hills facing the north coast collapsed following heavy rains. In December 2011 history repeated itself and Federico Quiroz, and many other settlements, were destroyed as the land beneath them broke apart and dropped to the ground. Returning in May 2011 I walked around to find most of the area being demolished unfit for habitation.

The following photographs show the damage done by the rains (January 2011) and how it looks now (May 2011) – mid-demolition – with the residents in refugee housing littered around the city waiting for the government to re-house them.

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To read more see guardian article by Rory Carroll





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British / Venezuelan, Architect & Urban Researcher; PhD Candidate

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